Everything we do has YOU at the centre of things. We take care of every detail for you, taking away the hassle of organising an experience and ensuring that your outcomes are met.

Our Upcoming Experiences

We spend time understanding what you’re passionate about, what you enjoy spending your time on and those small things that to you, turn an experience from good into great.

We can create something unique to you, but we will also be hosting our own unique wine and book experiences, evenings with inspirational people, days out with a twist at sporting events or a culinary masterclass within your own home!

Tell us below what you’re passionate about experiencing and we’d love to chat with you!

4 time former Champion jockey, Dickie Johnson, joined us for the day at Ludlow Races and talked the boys through the race card >

Corporate Responsibilty

Buy One Sponsor One.

Whether your focus is on addressing your companies’ environmental impact, business objectives, community sustainability or simply increasing employee engagement, we can tick that box.

We strive to help engage with your key stakeholders, see tangible social return on your investment while simply doing something that makes everyone feel good.

Buy one, sponsor one is simply where your ticket orders will directly provide opportunities or new experiences to a recipient through one of our recognised charities. Following your event, you will hear how your tickets sales/places booked at an event through us helped to provide a new experience for a local person who wouldn’t necessarily get the opportunity for a truly unique experience.

We believe this is a unique service and one that we can’t wait to get going with you! If you have a charity of choice you’d like us to consider for the sponsored experiences, please let us know.

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