‘Speaking Easy’

Conversations which challenge social norms, champion one another & immerse ourselves in the passions of others.

’Speaking Easy’ is our opportunity to discuss the topics that we relate to and find most interesting.

These conversations will challenge some of the social norms as we look to champion each other, talk about the forbidden and immerse ourselves in the passions of others, while allowing ourselves to learn and have fun.

We’ll ask our guests to discuss what they’re drinking, watching, listening to, and reading this week (There will be some leeway on the timeframe!) and share why they were drawn to those things.

Being inquisitive is a core value of ours and ‘Speaking Easy’ epitomises that.

Next up in the Clubhouse:

Ex Jockey and Co-Founder of Equine Productions & Jockeycam, Nathan Horrocks who has also written/directed a superb film called ”The Fall’. Which focuses on the impact of social media on the mental health of jockeys and those in the equine world.

Tell us, who would you like to see join us in the clubhouse for a conversation?