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Welcome to the website of Speakeasy Club


The Club operates and carries out its activities through the following commercial entity:

Speakeasy Club LTD
42 Purcell Road
Vale of Glamorgan
CF64 3QN

Registered in Wales No. 13664722

Mr Simon Clarke and Mrs Louisa Clarke

The website is operated solely by Speakeasy Club LTD.

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How to get in touch

The main ways of contacting Speakeasy Club are as follows:


Please direct all email correspondence to the relevant department as listed below:

Speakeasy Club [email protected]

Speakeasy Celebrant [email protected]

Social Media:

Twitter – @speakeasyclub1
Facebook – Speakeasy Club
Instagram – @speakeasyclub1 & @speakeasycelebrant
LinkedIn – Speakeasy Club
YouTube – Speakeasy Club