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This week in the clubhouse we’re listening too…

Desert Island Discs – Dr David Nott

Would you save the life of a terrorist whilst surrounded by their comrades? Would you stay and continue operating on a patient in a war zone when everyone, aside from the anesthetists, has left because the hospital will be bombed imminently? Would you ever choose ‘leaving on a jet plane’ in WELSH?! Ok, so the last one was slightly tongue in cheek, but my word what a humble, selfless committed human being Dr Nott is. from taking unpaid leave to support medicine sans frontiers, to setting up a charity with his wife to his unwavering commitment to his profession and saving lives. This is a breathtaking listen and shows the humble and human side of those on the front line. Then there’s the story with the Queen…

When discussing operating on an ISIS fighter in a hospital in Syria:

” Do you care who you operate on?”
” I don’t care who i operate on. Maybe I saved his life? Maybe I changed his mind about things? We’re all human beings.”

This week in the clubhouse we’re reading…

Stillness is the key – Ryan Holiday

We’ve read a number of Ryan Holiday’s books on stoicism, and the daily stoic is a regular podcast in the clubhouse. The simplicity of which he details centuries old teachings, and the contemporary examples he links to them make his work super relatable.

‘Stillness is the key’ is EXACTLY what we need to learn right now. Slow down. Don’t rush. Examples from Tiger Woods, J.F.Kennedy and Marcus Aurelius give some really simple guides that you can use in your every day life.

We’ve not finished it yet but half way through, its definitely made a difference.


This week in the clubhouse we’re watching…

Do you believe in Miracles

This is a sublime documentary from the über talented Jonny Owen. The production is superb with a toe tapping soundtrack to boot. When the main subject matter is a certain Mr Brian Clough, then nothing less would be expected.

With Clough and his assistant (or mastermind?!) Peter Taylor taking Nottingham Forest of the late 19080’s from mid table mediocrity to double European champions is nothing short of remarkable. The matter of fact and often hilarious accounts from ex players such as Archie Gemmill, John Robertson, Trevor Francis and Peter Shilton male this an enlightening and enjoyable watch.

“We talk about it for 20 minutes and then we decide I was right” – on listening to players’ opinions.

10/10 – A must watch!


Don’t take me home

The Three Kings

This week in the clubhouse we’re drinking…

2012 – Beronia, Gran Reserva

This is quite simply a thank you message to @bar44 and the team. From the opening of the Penarth restaurant, Beronia was introduced to our world. Bodegas Beronia beautifully represents the terroir of Rioja Alta, and the Gran Reserva is a wonderful representation of what a classic Rioja feels like.

Rating – 9 out of 10

Notes – Oak, Vanilla
Black fruits, Blackcurrants
Leather, Earthy, Smoke

Region – Rioja

Grape – Tempranillo

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