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In the clubhouse we like too be curious and try things that perhaps we wouldn’t normally go for (however, expect to see A LOT of South Australian Shiraz, Sheffield Wednesday, and sports books!)

Reading and enjoying wine are particularly big passions of ours and we want to create a one stop shop of recommendations, from ourselves but also from you. It’s very much a two-way approach so any tips you have drop us an email and we’ll include it for others.

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This week in the clubhouse we’re listening too…

The Diary of a CEO – Steven Bartlett

I’m besotted with this podcast at the minute. I love Steven’s style, his warm and welcoming nature but most of all his clear desire to be curious and learn from each of his guests.

I could wax lyrically about the episodes with Mel C, Gary Neville, Simon Sink & Chris Kamara, but the latest episode with dating app Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe-Herd really fascinated me.

A Billionaire at 31. Not bad right? Well, it came at cost. At 22, and having joined this new start up company called ”Tinder” (or matchbox as it was then), Wolfe – Herd played a hugely influential role in its growth and is widely credit for the name

It was fascinating to hear that due to legal reasons she is still unable to discuss her time at tinder and why she left, however she spoke beautifully and eloquently about how the online hate she received affected her mental health so badly, she didn’t leave the house for 3 weeks.

This prompted her to think about a female first dating app, and as such bumble was born.

The insights about hacker marketing ploys in the early days, being naive to the ”rules of the game” and giving women the power in a game that is historically dominated by males is game changing.

I’ve absolutely taken some of those marketing tips and plan to use them for Speakeasy!

Have you listened to any of Steven’s episodes and which was your favourite?

This week in the clubhouse we’re reading…

How (not) to be strong – Alex Scott

Alex is an incredible role model and has written a book that is disciplined in presentation, skilful in style and with a deep energy, I’m guessing qualities that she drew on taking her to the top as a football player and then as a television presenter.

I expect many will relate to  some of the areas she covers (including domestic abuse, inappropriate chastisement, alcohol misuse) with insight and compassion.

Her honesty and descriptions are vivid. Just hearing facts such as that she funded playing for Arsenal by working in the laundry washing the men’s kit says much about the dedication she had to her sport. And also how bloody ridiculous it was.

There’s not a shred of self-pity in this book. She had to work so hard for every achievement. Alex is clearly a very strong person who is now prepared to get vulnerable. She’s also funny, charming, positive and just loves her football.

It’s a compelling story, and a genuine one. Alex’s Authenticity is one of her many strengths.


Eni Aluko – They don’t teach this

Megan Rapione – One Life

Both books are available from @griffinbooksuk at 

This week in the clubhouse we’re watching…

James Arthur – 

”It’s a topic that undoubtedly needs more discussion, male mental health and our reliance as a nation on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. I’ve been there myself, so it’s so humbling to be a part of something that is going to shed some light on it.”

— James Arthur
I’ve been fascinated by James Arthur ever seeing him on the X factor back in 2012. 
10 years on and his life has been one hell of a rollercoaster to say the least.
Instant fame and fortunate doesn’t come without it’s challenges, and James talks openly and superbly about his experiences immediately after winning the 2012 title. 
Alcohol, drugs and the high life came naturally and the fall from grace, in many ways, was inevitable. 
His music however, was is insanely unique. This film details his journey over the last 10 years and the time he released that enough was enough. After moving down south and spending the best part of a dcae in London, the documentary follows James & his partner move back to the North East where he grew up. 
He talks about facing his demons, his appreciation and engagement with talking therapy as well as facing their childhood traumas of his parents splitting up and him being homeless at 16. 
The childhood trauma piece is so important, for James and for many others. 
James’s bravery and vulnerability MUST be applauded, and his desire to continue the upward tractjectory is clear to see. He spend time with a groups of men, in his hometown of Middlesborough, at a football session aimed at those who have suffered mental health challenges. 
We really recommend this one. He’s an incredible singer, an inspiration to many and just a really good bloke too. 

This week in the clubhouse we’re drinking…

Familia Schroder – Barrel Fermented Malbec

This is a very recent addition to the Clubhouse but thank you @thebottleshopcardiff for bringing it into my life! So smooth yet so powerful. Argentina is a fascinating country all round and their wine typifies the elegance and intrigue of this vast country. Patagonia of course has those storied Welsh links which also attracted me to giving this ago (and I’ll pretend that the grapes were crushed, by hand, by a 4th generation Argentinian winemaker whose grandparents were from Pontycymer!).


If you like your Malbecs and traditionally go straight to anything from Mendoza, do us all a favour, head South and have a go on this ASAP.





-Vanilla, Oak, Tobacco
– Plum, dark fruits, blackberry
– Cherry, Raspberry, red fruit


Argentina, Patagonia, San Patricio del Chañar Valley




Zuccardi Q – Malbec

Hermandad – Malbec