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Where’s your clubhouse?

The Podcast

Normalising positive mental health & wellbeing through sport.

The story behind the pod:

Speakeasy Club started during the pandemic, with friends sharing their weeks over a glass of wine. We talked through the fun stuff and the tricky stuff. Helping each other work out what we didn’t understand.

Following my diagnosis with depression & severe anxiety, i had to start being curious to understand why i was feeling the way i was, and ultimately then how i could start making changes. Curiosity is a superpower.

Sport has been my life. From playing, working, volunteering, and enjoying various sports across the last 30 years, I know the integral role it can play in peoples live; from wellbeing to a sense of belonging and everything in between.

Objectives of the pod:

  • Champion & normalise positive mental health & wellbeing through sport & the outdoors.
  • Having fun & raise awareness of mental health & wellbeing in sport
  • Challenge the tricky conversation, in a supportive and non-judgemental way.
  • Make curiosity and supporting each other (and ourselves!) cool.