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The Huddle Bench

Our mission is to place a Huddle bench in every community sports venue in the world.

It’s human nature to crave that sense of belonging to something. A sense that we’ve lost over the last few years. Working with community sports venues across the world, we aim to create a focal point for people to come together and connect though the sport.

Sport has the undeniable power to not only enhance lives but save lives too. We’re not supposed to know everything that goes on inside our heads, being curious helps us to identify where we belong, and understand what our clubhouse, looks & feels like.

Each bench will have a QR code, that once scanned, takes you directly to your online clubhouse, The Huddle, where you can access amongst other things, free wellbeing resources for you and your teammates. There is a story behind how each bench is built, and now is the time to tell your story.


Get Involved

To find out how you and your venue can get involved, join us in the Huddle!


Find out More

Download our information sheet to find out more about the Huddle Bench, and get involved!