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Your Online Clubhouse!

What is the Huddle?

It’s your online clubhouse! Everything that you talk about in YOUR clubhouse is now online and easily accessible.

The Huddle is designed for you and your wellbeing in mind. It’s shaped by you and has authenticity & kindness at the centre of your online community.

In the Speakeasy Survey completed by our community in early 2023, people rated personal development a 7.9/10 in terms of importance to them, and professional development was rated at 7.3/10.

77% of respondents said that their family was their top priority amongst everything.

Our Key Actions

  • Create an online & in-person community.
  • Make information relatable, relevant, and as easily accessible as possible.
  • Questions we need to ask ourselves constantly:
    • Do we have the person at the heart of this decision?
    • Will this make people’s lives easier? Happier? More enjoyable?
    • Will this help people challenge their thinking and support their curiosity?
    • Is it fun and authentic?

So… we created the Huddle!

A one stop shop, where everything you need is inside one online community, all at the click of a button.


An Online Community…

Based on feedback from the community, and what you’ve told us, over the coming months we’ll be covering the following areas:

Talking Therapy
Family Time
Personal Development
Profesional Development

Why Join the Huddle?

In the Speakeasy Survey completed by our community in early 2023, 72% of respondents said ‘lack of time’ was a barrier to pursuing interests.

When it comes to prioritising our mental health & wellbeing, yes of course it’s good to talk. But for many of us, it’s knowing WHAT to talk about which is the barrier.

The Huddle brings all you curiosity into one place saving you time and money