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Joe Calzaghe is a boxing icon. A un beaten record of 46-0 speaks for itself. The fighters he went up against, the background that nurtured and the relentless nature to drive he was the best

What interests me more though, is who Joe is as a person. What drives him and what, or perhaps who, does he consider to be the most important things too him.

The relationship Joe had with his late father (and coach), Enzo, was incredibly special. The world could see it. Inside and outside of the gym in Newbridge, the Calzaghe’s would dote on each other and through every press conference, post fight interview and training session, the respect they had for each other was unparrleled.

Joe shares the same relationship with with his sons Connor and Joe Jr. The playful father son relationship, the cuddles and the kisses. When they’re in each other’s company It’s as if the rest of the world is irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the three of them, in that moment.

It’s fantastic to see.

Is that their Italian heritage? Where expressions of love are are part of everyday life. Italians have a more effusive way of communicating their emotions generally, but in the perceived rough and tough world of Boxing, this type of relationship is perhaps a little more uncommon.

What does that expression of love for a family member look like to you?

Do you tell a loved one you’re proud of them? Do they tell you?

Do you stand back and look at what a friend or family is doing, and appreciate how important it may be to them?

In the New Year we’re offering 12 people the chance to train with Joe, Joe Jr & Connor and the Calzaghe academy at their gym in Newbridge. This is followed by lunch with the Calzaghe’s and an afternoon of stories from Joe’s career.

Everything is taken care of for you form door to door.

For more details of how to take advantage of this unique experience get in touch with us at [email protected]

Speak Easy and look forward to seeing you in the clubhouse soon.