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So I write this on a Monday evening. The boss is out at Yoga, Reginald is trying every bedtime delaying tactic in the book, and I’ve got some Chicken Kievs in the oven. Happy…..Days.

Monday’s are talking therapy days. Something i’ve been doing on and off for a while but recently have been trying to be a little more consistent with it.

The last few sessions have really unearthed some childhood trauma stuff that I’ve always wondered whether it was having some impact on my present day (turns out it’s the root cause and more on what IT is in next week’s blog!)

I was talking to a colleague/friend (interesting I put colleague first) about the levels of engagement I was getting across my social media platforms. It felt quite low which made me start to question the content I was sharing.

We got talking about numbers of followers. I said across all platforms they were slowly growing but not particularly quickly. Now, I know this isn’t a positive or effective way of measuring success on social media, but the other thing I noticed was that I wasn’t LOSING many followers.

Perhaps the content was interesting. Perhaps it was something that people were able to relate to, or perhaps were a little curious about.

If people were still following me, then maybe what I’m doing is actually helping people?

‘Silent supporters’ Beth said. That’s what you’ve got. Yes engagement is important to truly understand the impact you’re having but because I can talk about some uncomfortable things from time to time, people perhaps aren’t read to vocalise their support, yet they are there. listening, watching and reading.

Are you one of our silent supporters?

A few thoughts to consider:

  • Please keep doing what you’re doing. If there’s something that resonates with you then we’d love to hear form you, but the priority is that its something you find helpful.
  • Be curious, each and everyday.
  • Prioritise learning something new each day. There’s always a reason not too.
  • Be present, sit with those confusing thoughts and prioritise working through answering them
  • Start with why

Alot of what we post or share is helpful to guys aswell, so it isn’t complete selfless! What action is in life?

For me in life now, it’s not about what you do (the good, the bad or the ugly), but WHY you do it.

When you think about it, it can be scary. Often terrifying. It’s also honestly the most librating thing you can ever do.

Basically please keep watching/reading/listening/following/enjoying. You don’t have to support publicly or even privately, but if there’s something grant resonates with you and you perhaps won’t to understand a little bit more, then please reach out.

Take care and speak easy