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”Do you know the difference between Bison & Cow’s….?”

Both can tell when a storm is coming. Bison run towards the storm, embracing the challenge and, although tired, endure the storm for less time and enjoy the lush green grass on the other side in a shorter amount of time and with less pain.

Cows wait for the storm. Then, when it arrives, they panic and run with the storm. They stay in the rain longer, enduring much, much more. All of it needlessly.

This is similar to many complex challenges we face in our lives. Unfortunately, it’s easier to run away from the problem because we’re scared and don’t understand what ‘’the next bit’’ looks like.

However, if we #BemoreBison, we can tackle the challenge head-on, embrace the immediate but short-term pain and reap the benefits on the other side much quicker.

It’s hard and scary and terrifying and uncomfortable. But in this instance, the grass is much greener on the other side. Related to personal development, 70% of survey respondents are interested in talking therapy or 1:1 coaching.

Many people are interested in developing themselves for the betterment of their families, friends and their well-being. We’re building resources in the background to support the Speakeasy community and upskilling ourselves simultaneously.

There’s Still time to complete our survey before it closes on Wednesday and be part of a new community.


Stay tuned for the full survey results coming soon.

Take care & speak easy