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🔔 Speakeasy Survey Report 🔔

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our first Speakeasy Survey. 

To have so many responses was huge for us and shows that we’re doing something that people are finding useful and more importantly, helpful. 

The full report is available below:

🗣️ You said: 

💬 60% of you said that your family & wholly authentic people inspire you. 

💬 An average of 7.9/10 considers personal development important to you. 

💬 Productivity & Self Confidence ranked highest at 39%

💬 An average of 7.3/10 consider Professional development important to you. 

💬 Authentic leadership was by far the most popular at 40%, with Public speaking & networking following behind. 

💬 77% of you said Family is your priority, followed closely by physical well-being & your career

💬 The outdoors topped the list of things you love and are most passionate about with 48%

We’re developing a resource that helps you address the above, as well as much much more. 


Join us in ’The Huddle’, launching on 1st April 2023. 

See you soon…